*C4D = Maxon Cinema 4D

Modelling – Main Objects, Splines, Generators, Boole-Objects, Deformationobjects, Fields, Polygonmodelling, Modelling-Tools, Subdivision Surface, Volume Modelling, Sculpting

Texturing – Creating Materials, Material Channels, Texture Mapping, 2D/3D Shader, Node-Materials, Bodypaint 3D, Hair, Cloth

Rendering – Camera Objects, Standard and Advanced Rendering, Multipass Rendering, Takes, Team-Render, Xref, Alembic, Sketch & Toon

Staging and Light – Lightobjects, Global Illumination, Camara Calibrating, Light Setup, Caustics

Animation – Palette and Timeline, Keyframe, Cyclic Animation, Pathanimation, Cameradrive, Motion-Camera, Particle System, Xpresso, Thinking Particles, Dynamics and Aerodymics, Cloth-Simulation, MoGraph, Character-Animation, Motiontracking, Sounds binding and expending

*MAYA = Autodesk MAYA

Modelling – Objects, Figures, Buildings, Landscapes

Texturing – UV Maps, Unwrapping, Shading networks, Material types, Texture effects

Animation – Tools: Keyframe, Grapheditor, Timeline, Character rigging, Animating figures

Particles and Dynamics – Particle Emitters and simulation, Dynamic effects, Influencing force fields

Special effects – Paint effects, Maya Live, Matchmoving, 2D-3D Tracking, Motion capture

Rendering – Tools, methods of Illumination, rendering of animated figures within their environment

*SL = SecondLife

Building – Modelling – Construction Tools – Programming – Physical and Objectlights – Texturing – In-and Exportfunction – Animations